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  1. Astronaut
  2. Public Affairs Office Commentator. Artemis I
  3. Bill Nelson  (6)
    former Senator/Astronaut from Florida
  4. Bill Nelson  (7)
    Flight astronaut sts-61C
  5. former U.S. Senator (born 1942) from Florida (2001-19); Former Astronaut
  6. astronaut
  7. astronaut
  8. Astronaut
  9. Astronaut & Test Pilot, selected in 1963 as a Military Astronaut - Class-3, later selected as MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) pilot in 1965, when the MOL program cancelled in 1969, became Vice Commander, Tactical Air Warfare Center, Eglin AFB, Fl.,
  10. Deputy Administrator of NASA
  11. astronaut
  12. astronaut
  13. astronaut
  14. (1929-2004) was a Soviet cosmonaut. He was an ethnic Chuvash. Nikolayev flew on two space flights: Vostok 3 and Soyuz 9. On both, he set new endurance records for the longest time a human being had remained in orbit
  15. Astronaut Born 15, 1965
  16. astronaut
  17. Peruvian born NASA astronaut and a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel
  18. Flight astronaut
  19. First female engineer to work in NASA's Mission Control during Apollo 8
  20. Oleg Viktorovich Novitskiy, lieutenant colonel in the Russian Air Force, is a Russian cosmonaut
  21. astronaut
  22. astronaut