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  1. NASA astronaut STS-41, 53, 65, 88; Former director of Kennedy Space Center 2008-2021
  2. Astrobiologist, Director of the Carl Sagan Center for Research
  3. American Former Female Pilot. Mercury 13 Female Candidate (1959). Inducted Into The Georgia Aviation Hall Of Fame (2003)
  4. American Female Former Astronaut. No Missions Flown (1996-2008)
  5. American astronaut
  6. Astronaut
  7. Astrophysicist. NASA and SETI. Instrument scientist for the Kepler mission searching for exo-planets (planets outside our solar system)
  8. American Female Astronaut And Chemist. Space Shuttle Endeavour - Flight STS-118 (August 2007). International Space Station Crew - Expedition 23 and Expedition 24 (April 2010 to September 2010)
  9. astronaut
  10. astronaut
  11. Retired spacesuit technician for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, crew chief, and manager of the Space Shuttle Crew Escape Equipment Processing department. She is the first Black woman to serve in these roles
  12. American Female NASA Astronaut And Beobiologist. NASA Group 22 (2017- )
  13. astronaut
  14. Bob Carlton  (2)
    Member of NASA Mission Control
  15. Founder Armadillo Aerospace; team that won Lunar Lander Challenge
  16. American Former Female Newspaper Columnist And Local Television Host (Washington DC). Ex - Wife to Malcolm Scott Carpenter (Original Mercury 7 Astronaut). Support Group = Astronaut's Wives Club
  17. astronaut, lt. cmdr
  18. Physician, flight surgeon assigned to the Apollo 11 mission. He along with John Hirasaki were the only two people other than the Apollo 11 astronauts in the mobile quarantine facility
  19. astronaut (Skylab 4)
  20. British born US planetary geologist, born 1935. Worked on nearly every Mars planetary probe, including as the imaging team leader for the Viking missions. Worked on lunar mapping and geological aspects of the 1960's Apollo program
  21. Flight astronaut mse astronaut candidate
  22. American Female Space Enthusiast. Attended Numerous Space Camps And Visiting NASA Visitor Centers In 9 States
  23. Australian theoretical physicist, best known for his work on the properties of black holes in the Solar System
  24. Astronaut
  25. Astronomer, studies icy moons
  26. astronaut
  27. astronaut
  28. astronaut
  29. Flight astronaut ascan2004
  30. Space Exploration: Rocketdyne Division. Manager of the teams that built the Redstone, Jupiter, Thor, Atlas and Saturn rocket engines
  31. WWII PTO: USMC. Aircraft mechanic for the famous 'Cactus Air Force' at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. After the war, he worked for Rockwell; part of the team that designed the launch umbilical tower for the Saturn V rocket (Apollo 11)
  32. astronaut
  33. Member of National Inventors Hall of Fame
  34. astronaut, last man on the moon/Moonwalker
  35. Author, speaker & space journalist/author of 'Man on the Moon' a detailed description of Apollo missions to moon. Book formed basis of 'From the Earth to the Moon' a TV miniseries/worked at NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Viking project
  36. Astronaut ascan 1998
  37. astronaut
  38. Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari is an American test pilot and NASA astronaut candidate of the class of 2017
  39. astronaut
  40. Italian astronaut. Famous for his speed test with Michael Schumacher/F1 (He with a fighter plane-Schumiwith a Formula1 Ferraricar)
  41. Navy seal, born 1944, on the underwater dive team that recovered the Apollo 11 command module
  42. Astronaut
  43. 4-star General in the USAF who was also a NASA astronaut
  44. French astronaut
  45. Russian cosmonaut
  46. Flight aviator 1978 group 8 astronaut candidate
  47. Larry Clark  (3)
    Flight astronaut, canadian arrow
  48. American Former Female Astronaut And Flight Surgeon. Died In The Space Shuttle 'Columbia' Disaster (2003)
  49. American Former Female Engineer And NASA Astronaut. ' NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate' (2005-2007). Missions In Space - 'STS-61-B Atlantis' (1985) And 'STS-30 on Space Shuttle Atlantis' (1989)
  50. French engineer and a CNES and ESA astronaut. He is a veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle missions
  51. Flight astronaut sts-53,59,76
  52. NASA astronaut (retired) STS 41D, 29, 39. Former director of Johnson Space Center
  53. American Former Female Aviator. Part of Mercury 13 NASA Testing. World Record For Non - Stop Long - Distance Flight (1959). World Light - Plane Speed Record (1959). World Altitude Record For Lightweight Aircraft Of 37,010 Feet (1960)
  54. NASA Astronaut (STS-56, 69, 80, 98, 111)
  55. American Female Astrophysicist - 'NASA Ames Research Center' (2014-2017), 'High - level Data Product Manager' - Worked On The Kepler And K2 Projects Searching For Potential Exo - Planets (2017-2020), 'SETI Institute' - Research Scientist (2019- )
  56. astronaut
  57. Astronaut, the first female U.S. astronaut to command a spaceflight
  58. Command Module Pilot Apollo 11
  59. Larry Connor  (2)
    Member of crew for 1st all-private spaceflight AX-1,
  60. Apollo 12 moonwalker
  61. Thermal Insulation Technician on the Apollo 11 Lunar Module
  62. Mercury Astronaut, Colonel USAF
  63. Jamye Flowers Coplin worked in the astronaut office during the Apollo program. As a secretary to the astronauts, Coplin wrote their frequent travel orders, ran interference when outsiders wanted access & traveled with them to the Cape for launches
  64. Director of NASA's Langley Research Center, and Chairman of the Apollo 13 Review Board which investigated the explosion that occurred during the Apollo 13 spaceflight in 1970.
  65. Eastman Kodak engineer, worked on the camera team for NASA's Lunar Orbiters that photographed the moon, and mapped landing spots for the Apollo missions. Led to the first photo of the earth from the moon, a B&W grainy one, in 1966
  66. Physicist; studies star formations
  67. NASA astronaut (retired) Four space shuttle missions; last person to speak to the astronauts on Challenger before it exploded
  68. US Marine aviator, born 1936. Served as the recovery helicopter co-pilot for some early NASA Mercury flights, including first US man in space Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, and Ham the Chimp before the manned missions. Served in Vietnam also
  69. Flight aviator 1978 group 8 astronaut candidate
  70. astronaut
  71. astronaut
  72. Flight (astronaut)
  73. NASA astronaut (retired) Pilot of the first Space Shuttle Mission; Director of Kennedy Space Center 1992-1995
  74. The First woman Italian astronaut, crewmember of ISS Expedition 42/43, (November,2014 - June,2015)
  75. Astronomer
  76. Flight (astronaut)
  77. Payload Specialist
  78. Astronaut; the only American not on Earth during the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. He was on a 4 month long mission aboard STS-105 Discovery and took photos from space of the smoke that was seen in lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers had been hit
  79. astronaut on apollo 7 (oct. 11-22 1968)
  80. Former Chief Information Officer of NASA
  81. astronaut (STS-57,70,88,and scheduled for STS-109)