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  1. Former Payload Specialist Astronaut
  2. (1934-1968)Was a Russian-Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. He was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961. Was tragically killed in a plane crash on 3/27/68
  3. Astronomer
  4. NASA Astronaut
  5. astronaut
  6. NASA astronaut; two Space Shuttle missions, STS-27 (December 1988) and STS-35 (December 1990)
  7. Former U.S. Senator from Utah (1974-1993)
  8. Astronaut // Former President of the Canadian Space Agency // Chancellor of Carleton University in Ottawa // Member of the Canadian Parliament
  9. Astronaut' Skylab 3, STS-9, Spacelab 1, Brother to Space Traveler Richard Garriott de Cayeux
  10. Space Tourist, game designer, and programmer, Son to Astronaut Owen Garriott
  11. NASA astronaut (retired). Three space shuttle missions
  12. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  13. German astrophysicist. He was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize for physics 'for the discovery of a supermassive compact object at the centre of our galaxy', which he shared with Andrea Ghez and Roger Penrose
  14. astronaut
  15. European Space Agency astronaut and geophysicist
  16. American astronomer and professor. In 2020, she became the fourth woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, sharing one half of the prize with Reinhard Genzel (the other half of the prize being awarded to Roger Penrose)
  17. former NASA astronaut
  18. NASA astronaut (retired), five space shuttle flights
  19. NASA Software Engineer - onboard computer programs for Apollo
  20. Center Director 1978-1981/Acting Director-1977-1978 NASA Photo Director of the National Aeronautics & Space Administration's Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA's major field Center for flight testing of high speed aircraft and experimental vehicles.
  21. Cosmonaut
  22. Centenarian American advocate for people with disabilities and communication disorders. Widow of former astronaut and Senator John Glenn
  23. Former U.S. Senator from Ohio (1973-1999); First American to Orbit the Earth
  24. astronaut
  25. astronaut
  26. astronomer
  27. Flight (scientist)
  28. astronaut
  29. Soviet cosmonaut who was the research engineer on Soyuz 7
  30. gemini 11, apollo 12 astronaut
  31. Flight astronaut sts-91,99,108
  32. Former U.S. Astronaut
  33. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  34. Astronaut (NASA selection group 1965), he actually never flew into space, but earned his nickname 'Space Doc' due to his role as the Mercury Medical Flight Controller and through his space medicine research
  35. NASA astronaut (retired) three space shuttle missions. Bloodline/nephew of Charles Drew, inventor of blood bank; First African American to command a spaceflight
  36. astronaut
  37. Lead Flight Director Mission Control for 3 Lunar Landings
  38. 11th Administrator of NASA, American physicist and aerospace engineer, Former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (2018 to 2020)
  39. nasa & x-15 broke the sound barrier'47
  40. David Griggs  (2)
    Stanley David Griggs (September 7, 1939 ? June 17, 1989) was a United States Navy officer and a NASA astronaut. He is credited with conducting the first unscheduled extra-vehicular activity of the space program during Space Shuttle mission STS-51-D.
  41. NASA - Deputy Director of the Armstrong Flight Research Center
  42. astronaut
  43. Mercury astronaut
  44. Rocket Scientist, 'Dr. Werner Von Braun's Team'
  45. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  46. Astronaut
  47. (March 1931 - 21 February 2015) was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on two space flights: Soyuz 17 and Soyuz 28
  48. Astronaut - STS-59
  49. Astronaut and first Mongolian in space (1981)