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  1. Professor of Astronomy
  2. John W. Aaron (born 1943) is a former NASA engineer and was a flight controller during the Apollo program. He is widely credited with saving the Apollo 12 mission when it was struck by lightning shortly after liftoff and played important role Apollo 13
  3. George William Samuel Abbey (born August 21, 1932) is a former director of the Johnson Space Center and Fellow in Space Policy at the Baker Institute of Rice University. Worked on X-20 Dyna - Soar
  4. director of the space shuttle program
  5. Flight astronaut mol astronaut
  6. U.S. Astronaut
  7. Astronaut - Payload Specialist for STS 51F
  8. Former Astronaut, flew missions on STS-28 & STS-43
  9. French engineer, helicopter pilot and astronaut. In 2022, she was chosen as a member of the European Astronaut Corps
  10. Former Director CSA Astronaut Program. Helped train the first Mercury Astronauts and designed the first flight simulators. Member of the Order of Canada
  11. astronaut indonesia
  12. Astronaut
  13. astronaut/journalist
  14. cosmonaut
  15. First Arab in space, first Royal in space (Shuttle mission STS-51-G)
  16. Former Saudi Arabian Astronaut
  17. space scientist/geologist
  18. 'Dr. Wernher Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  19. Astronaut - Apollo 11. 2 man on the moon. Moon walker and New York Times Bestselling Author
  20. Former Soviet cosmonaut and twice Hero of the Soviet Union
  21. NASA scientist who concluded the agency's highly-successful Galileo mission to Jupiter
  22. cosmonaut bulgaria
  23. Born Aug. 4, 1955Retired Astronaut
  24. Astronaut: STS-5, STS-51A
  25. astronomer
  26. Astronaut sts-90 106 109 125 Stunt pilot in Top Gun that flipped off the russian
  27. astronaut apollo 8
  28. astronaut
  29. Space X engineer
  30. Flight (astronaut)
  31. astronaut
  32. French spationaut, former minister
  33. Uruguayan astronomer who is best known for his work on the Kuiper belt. He also has an asteroid named after him
  34. Spaceflight Participant
  35. astronaut
  36. Former U.S. Astronaut
  37. SpaceX astronaut Inspiration crew
  38. NASA astronaut (retired) flew two space shuttle missions
  39. Flight test engineer, Avro Aircraft; NASA employee 1959-1986. Landing and recovery, Lunar receiving lab, Science & Applications, Space & Life Sciences
  40. Astronaut mse astronaut
  41. 1st man on the moon; 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'
  42. Astronaut
  43. astronaut
  44. astronaut
  45. Astronaut, Space Shuttle Mission STS-93
  46. cosmonaut
  47. Aerospace research Test Pilot. Col., USAF, Ret.; Bachelor of Sciene in Chem,, University of Virginia, 1959; Master of Science in Engineering Administration, unsuccessful application NASA astronaut group 3; 1963 as military astronaut - class-3 selected
  48. Flight (aviator) 1977 group 8 astronaut candidate
  49. Flight (scientist) us weather office pathfinder 'mission'
  50. Astronaut