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  1. Dead & Rotting
  2. Director
  3. Actress and producer known for 'Lying And Stealing' (2019), 'Dynasty' (2017), and 'My Unorthodox Life' (2021)
  4. director - Girls' Town
  5. American diplomat
  6. Director
  7. Screenwriter & producer: Becker
  8. Director (Animation)
  9. Producer/Director - Ray, Dolores Claiborne, Proof Of Life, The Devil's Advocate, Against All Odds, White Nights, Everybody's All-American, Bukowski. Director - An Officer & A Gentleman, The Idolmaker. Writer
  10. Sin-Jin Smyth - Producer
  11. French director and writer
  12. Movie Director
  13. Director
  14. Director
  15. Film Director
  16. Screenwriter & Director
  17. German director born 1929, famous for his East German espionage show 'The Invisible Visor'
  18. Director
  19. Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Crash, In the Valley of Elah, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Walker Texas Ranger, Due South, Show Me a Hero
  20. Director
  21. Director
  22. Director
  23. Don Hahn  (2)
    Award-winning Disney producer of Beauty and the Beast (only producer to be nominated for Best Picture Oscar for animated film); also produced The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Emperor's New Groove. Director of Waking Sleeping Beauty (2010)
  24. Director
  25. Actor & Director: Hill Street Blues, The Choirboys, Delvecchio, Who'll Stop the Rain, Oliver's Story, Altered States, Cop, The Rescue, The Great Escape II, Nightbreed, Storyville, Broken Trust, Home on the Range, Third Watch, Sensitivity Training
  26. Actor - The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet, Lucas, License To Drive, Last Resort, Dream A Little Dream 1&2, Fast Getaway 1&2, Murphy's Romance, Blown Away, Just One Of The Girls, Firstborn, Dream Machine, Demolition High, Fever Lake, Roomies, The Edison Twins
  27. Director
  28. Actress
  29. Director - Children Of A Lesser God (DGA nom.), Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Doctor, Something About Amelia (Emmy nom.), The Ron Clark Story (DGA nom.), Dance With Me
  30. Director 'Splatter University', 'Class of Nuke 'em High'
  31. Director
  32. actor, 'Caligula'/Director
  33. Actor played Harpist #2 in Kung Fu Hustle, Jackie Chan stunt team member
  34. producer - Belle de Jour
  35. Director
  36. French producer and writer
  37. Director-No Limits,Barmaids
  38. Trey Haley  (2)
    Director/Producer Directed The Man in 3B 2015 and The Preacher's Son 2017 among others
  39. Screenwriter/Director
  40. Adam Hall  (3)
    Director of Photography
  41. Actor, director, for twenty years has starred anually as Santa Claus in the 'Radio City Christmas Spectacular' at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.
  42. David Hall  (2)
    Associated Producer - Tomorrow the World 1944 & The Story of GI Joe 1945
  43. Oceanographer/filmaker of IMAX films
  44. Jeff Hall  (2)
    Animation director - Top Cat & The Beverly Hills Cats, Yogi Bear, etc
  45. Writer & Director: Puppetmaster, Critters, Ghoulies 1 & 2
  46. Anmerican TV Host born 1921.'Let's Make a Deal'(since 1980),'Beat The Clock','Split Second','Hollywood Squares','All Star Party'
  47. Nicholas Hall  (2)
  48. Peter Hall  (4)
    Co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, theatre and film director
  49. Robert Hall  (2)
    Director Laid to Rest, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, Lightning Bug.Special effects on The Crazies
  50. Producer
  51. film director (die monster die dunwich horror)
  52. German actor, comedian and director
  53. Director
  54. Film Director - My Life As A Dog (Oscar nom.), The Cider House Rules (Oscar nom.), Chocolat, The Shipping News, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Hoax, Casanova, Dear John, Something To Talk About, Once Around, An Unfinished Life, Salmon Fishing-Yemen
  55. TV Producer (Head of Hallmark Entertainment)
  56. Director
  57. Director
  58. Assistant Director worked on tv shows Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU and films Meet Joe Black 1998 and The Hurricane 1999 and several
  59. Director-Seagrass
  60. Director
  61. Screenwriter & Director: Meet the Parents, Zoolander, Along Came Polly, Meet the Fockers, I Love You Man, Little Fockers
  62. Director
  63. Director
  64. Actor / Screenwriter / Director / Producer
  65. Director
  66. Producer - Lord of War / Material Girls / Wolf Creek
  67. Director of James Bond films Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun.
  68. Producers
  69. Director/Screenwriter
  70. Tim Hamilton  (3)
  71. Director
  72. Film Producer; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Get Out'
  73. Writer & Director: Don't Answer the Phone
  74. Animation director /storyboard artist
  75. Producer
  76. Film Producer
  77. Creator of 7th Heaven
  78. Screenwriter - Atonement, Mary Reilly. Playwright/Screenwriter - Dangerous Liaisons. Director/Screenwriter - Carrington
  79. Production Designer
  80. Barrel Corpse in Return of The Living Dead 3 also writer & producer of Walburgers and Ancient Aliens
  81. Film Producer & Author
  82. belgian director and writer
  83. Director
  84. Film Director
  85. American Director - Bang The Drum Slowly, Let's Scare Jessica To Death, Baby Blue Marine, Prancer, Weeds '87. Producer. Writer
  86. Screenwriter & Director: A Perfect World, The Alamo (2004), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Rookie (2002)
  87. Josh Hancock  (2)
    Director of 'Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders' & 'Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part 2', Author of a book on the Keddie Murders
  88. Producer, director, author, photographer and pilot. President of Handleman Filmworks. Owner of Handleman Sky Ranch. Director of the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association. Has served on more than thirty civic and charitable boards
  89. Director
  90. German born film direcor, naturalized Austrian 'Funny Games' 'La pianist' 'Le temps du loupe' 'Caché'- Winner of the golden palm Cannes 2009 for the movie 'Das weisse Band'
  91. Ken Hanes  (2)
  92. Broadway Director
  93. Actor:Money Pit, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle,Splash,The Green Mile, Bosom Buddies, Castaway, Big, A League of Their Own, Philadelphia, Toy Story, The Polar Express, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13
  94. Film Producer
  95. Director
  96. Co Creator of Hanna Barbera ( Scooby Doo , Tom & Jerry , Yogi Bear , The Flintstones , Smurfs to name a few )
  97. Director
  98. The creator of the Nickelodeon Show, CatDog
  99. belgian director, actress, producer and writer: 'the quarry', 'clouds:letters to my son', 'between the devil and the deep blue sea', ...
  100. John Hansen  (2)
    Production Designer
  101. Film Producer
  102. French director
  103. Writer & Director: The Dunwich Horror, Evil Town, White Dog, Never Cry Wolf, The Bedroom Window, Bad Influence, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The River Wild, L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys, 8 Mile, Too Big to Fail, In Her Shoes
  104. Creator of 'Bones'
  105. Production Designer
  106. Japanese director, also starred in 'Last Samurai'
  107. Director
  108. Director
  109. Director
  110. Screenwriter & Producer
  111. Australian actor and producer - Best known for 1974 movie 'Stone'
  112. Director
  113. Director
  114. Director
  115. Production Designer / Art Director
  116. Actor/Editor/Producer in Alferd Packer: The Musical aka Cannibal!: The Musical
  117. Director
  118. Producer/Associate Producer
  119. Director
  120. Director of photography
  121. Writer/Director -The Brothers, Deliver Us from Eva
  122. Theatre Director
  123. Production Designer: Tombstone, Posse, 2 Days in the Valley // Director: Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, The Nativity Story, Twilight, Red Riding Hood
  124. Director-Gangs Of London
  125. John Hardy  (2)
  126. Actor/writer/director -Moulin Rouge -Farscape -Mad Max
  127. Director/Actor/Screenwriter born March 8, 1929, Carlsbad NM
  128. Director of The Wicker Man & The Fantasist
  129. Film and TV Director
  130. Director
  131. Screenwriter
  132. French film director, sometimes actor
  133. Screenwriter & Producer: Matlock, Perry Mason, Columbo
  134. Chinese film director, producer and screenwriter born 1950, probably living in Hong Kong
  135. Director
  136. Producer 'Barry lyndon' 'Eyes Wide Shut' ( Brother-In-Law of Stanley Kubrick )
  137. Director: Prison, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Deep Blue Sea, Driven, Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Cutthroat Island, Exorcist - The Beginning, Mindhunters, Skiptracers
  138. English assistant director and production manager (Born: 1939) He is best known for Aliens (1986), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Octopussy (1983). Married to Pauline Harlow, a former script supervisor
  139. Media Producer for The Howard Stern Show
  140. Writer/Performer, Creator of 'Community'
  141. Director - The Hitcher, They
  142. Executive Producer Edge of Tomorrow and King Arthur Legend of the Sword
  143. Director from Tchad
  144. Screenwriter/Director
  145. Doctor Who
  146. Tom Harper  (4)
    Director for 'Misfits, The Scouting Book for Boys' (2010), 'This Is England '86', 'The Borrowers' (2011), 'Peaky Blinders (2013)', and 'The Woman in Black: Angel of Death'
  147. Tommy Harper  (2)
    Producer - Star Trek, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  148. film director (games whats the matter with helen)
  149. 3rd Assistant Director Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 3rd Assistant Director Brazil 3rd Assistant Director Monty Python: The Meaning of Life
  150. American actor,stuntman and producer.'Kommissar X2,'Hercules','King of Kong Island','Samson contra Hercules','Goliath Against The Giants','The Fury Of Hercules','79 A.D','Challenge Of The Tiger'
  151. Chris Harris  (5)
    English actor from Somerset. Various TV appearances and theatre director
  152. movie director
  153. Actor: The Truman Show, Borderline, Creepshow, The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, Sweet Dreams, The Abyss, The Firm, Needful Things, Milk Money, Nixon, The Rock, Pollock, Enemy At The Gates, A Beautiful Mind, The Human Stain, History of Violence
  154. Director - Gunsmoke (64 episodes), The Waltons (40 episodes), 7th Heaven (35 episodes), Falcon Crest (32 episodes), Land Of The Giants (24 episodes), In The Heat Of The Night (20 episodes), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (12 episodes), Lost In Space +
  155. The Blob, Beware! The Blob, Dinosaurus!, 4D Man
  156. James Harris  (3)
    Production Manager
  157. Producer, Director, Writer ~ Lolita, Paths Of Glory, The Killing
  158. English actor, screenwriter and producer
  159. Producer
  160. Director & Producer, child actor -- Christopher Ewing on Dallas
  161. Neil Harris  (2)
  162. Film/TV Producer
  163. Created such shows as Soap, Benson, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and Nurses
  164. film director (beaver trilogy, web films)
  165. Screenwriter
  166. Ben Harrison  (4)
    Theatre Director
  167. Director of Heroes Of World Class: The story Of The Von Erichs And The Rise And Fall Of World Class Championship Wrestling
  168. Musician, producer, son of George Harrison
  169. Writer / Director / Producer / Composer / Actor: Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, Dune, Children of Dune, Book of Blood
  170. Writer & Director
  171. TV Producer
  172. Director
  173. Production Designer
  174. Writer & Director: I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho, The Notorious Betty Page, The L Word, The Moth Diaries, Anna Nicole, Alias Grace, Charlie Says, Daliland
  175. Director: Silent Night Deadly Night 2
  176. Actor, producer 'Homewrecker' (2009), 'Coupled with Love'
  177. Screenwriter/director
  178. Screenwriter & Director: Zero Tolerance, The Power Within, Executive Target, Repo Jake, CyberTarcker, T-Force, The Sweeper, L.A. Heat
  179. Jim Hart  (2)
  180. Adult Film Star/Director/Producer
  181. Actor and director, early western star
  182. Producer-Writer and Drummer...Married to Kathleen Wilhoite
  183. Producer/1940's/Heir to A&P/ Born: 1911? (lives in Nassua, Bahamas)
  184. Creator - TV series Rosewood
  185. David Hartley  (2)
  186. movie director
  187. Director - Patrick
  188. Director, Producer One Under The Sun
  189. Created the Nickelodeon show, 'The Fairly Oddparents'
  190. David Hartman  (2)
    Animation Director
  191. Director
  192. Director
  193. German producer, husband of Veronique Vendell
  194. Actor
  195. movie director
  196. Production Manager
  197. Director
  198. Producer, Screenwriter & Director: Ginger Snaps 1, 2 & 3
  199. Actress from 1958 T.V. in 'The Decoy', 1962 in a movie 'Hands of a stranger' 1962 later as a director 'We are the Guina pigs' 1980 'America from Hitler to M-X' 1983
  200. Producer & Director
  201. Theatre Director
  202. Director
  203. Director: Aspen Extreme
  204. Hollywood producer
  205. Director
  206. Rapper known as Big Zuu
  207. Actress
  208. Leading German oceanographer and climate modeller. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Hamburg and former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. He was awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics
  209. Screenwriters & Director
  210. Creator of ABC's Miracles, Writer of Mothman Prophecies, Under Seige 2: Dark Territory, Supernatural
  211. Director
  212. Writer/Director
  213. Actor
  214. Screenwriter & Producer
  215. Story editor - Disney's Hamer & Gretel
  216. Austrian film director and screenwriter
  217. Theatre Director
  218. Director
  219. actor, brother of Angelina Jolie
  220. Actor
  221. Actor
  222. Director
  223. Czech movie director
  224. Director
  225. James Hawes  (2)
    Director-Slow Horses,Penny Dreadful
  226. Director - On The Lot Contestant
  227. Producer/ writer
  228. Production Designer
  229. Director
  230. John Hay  (2)
  231. Christian Author/Director of biblical research and education at Sola Scriptura
  232. Actor/producer - Another 48 hrs, Action Kohnson, The man in the Iron Mask
  233. Director Producer Writer The Donna Reed Show,77 Sunset Strip,Peyton Place,Knight Rider,The Andy Griffith Show. Married to Eva Marie Saint
  234. Director/Screenwriter
  235. Producer/ Granddaughter of Actor Harold Lloyd
  236. Producer & Screenwriter
  237. Assistant floor manager for The War Machines, Fury from the Deep, and The Ambassadors of Death. She was also production manager for Logopolis, Castrovalva and Snakedance. All on Doctor Who
  238. Actor / Screenwriter / Director
  239. Director
  240. American film director - Safe, Velvet Goldmine
  241. German Creative Director
  242. Long-time organist and musical director for St. Louis Cardinals
  243. American Actor and Director born 1909.was married with Actress Ida Lupino.'And Then There Were None','Son of Monte Cristo','Man in the Iron Mask','Black Arrow','Pirates of Capri','Terror in Wax Museum','Cpt.Blood','Simon Templar'
  244. Director of Stadium Operations - Tacoma Rainiers
  245. French film director and actor
  246. French actor
  247. Actor: The Little Shop of Horrors, Day The World Ended, Teenage Cave Man, The Terror, Saga of Vikings, Rock all Night, Gunslinger, Swamp Woman, East of Eden, Monster from the Ocean Floor, Vice Squad
  248. Director/Screenwriter
  249. Is a television director whose extensive credits include Cagney And Lacey (1982), St. Elsewhere (1982), L.A. Law (1987-1988), Wiseguy (1987), Law And Order (1994),
  250. English actress, voice actress and film producer (Cersei Lannister in HBO's 'Game of Thrones', which earned her three consecutive Emmy award nominations), 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles', '300', 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies', 'Dredd')
  251. Director/Screenwriter-SMILF,Russian Doll,Single Drunk Female
  252. Record Producer
  253. Production Assistant turned Chairman Of The Delaware Motion Picture & Television Development Commission - The Program, Dead Poets Society, Billy Jack, The Perfect Storm, Green Card, Dying Young
  254. Director/Screenwriter
  255. Writer & Director
  256. Executive Producer
  257. Director
  258. TV Game Show Producer - Hollywood Squares, High Rollers, Gambit, Video Village, People Will Talk
  259. Actor & Director: Twisted Justice, Outlaw Force, Ragin' Cajun, Deadly Reactor, Kill Crazy, Eye of the Stranger, Kill or Be Killed, Outlaw Prophet, Angel Blade
  260. Co-creators of 'Kiff' for disney Channel
  261. Director, Writer/Screenwriter
  262. Director of photography
  263. Director
  264. Director & Writer: Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Clueless, Look Who's Talking, Johnny Dangerously, European Vacation, Loser, Vamps
  265. Co-Creator of and Smosh Videos
  266. Screenwriter & Director: Friday The 13th VIII, Knight Rider 2000, Clockstoppers, The Condemned, Alien Fury, Dying to Live
  267. Director
  268. Director/Screenwriter
  269. TV director - The Rockford Files
  270. Born 19.02.1992, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany Director,Writer and Producer her first book was Axolotl Roadkill lives in Berlin
  271. Art Director. 1940's-50's. Born: 03/15/1909
  272. Documentary filmmaker, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Traffic Stop,' married to filmmaker Kate Davis
  273. Actor 'Verbotene Liebe' 'City Express'
  274. Director
  275. Director
  276. Screenwriter & Director: Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination 5, The Thing, Hours, Lights Out, Arrival, Extinction
  277. Director
  278. Director
  279. Director
  280. Tv producer
  281. Mark Helfrich  (2)
    Film Editor & Director
  282. film director (payback)
  283. Director
  284. American director,born in 1979
  285. British TV director: Doctor Who, Howards Way, Blue Peter, Midsummer Murders
  286. producer - Midnight Cowboy
  287. Actress & Producer
  288. Screenwriter & Director: Beast from Haunted Cave, The Terror, Flight to Fury, Back Door to Hell, The Shooting, Two-Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter, The Greatest, Avalanche Express, Iguana, Silent Night Deadly Night 3
  289. Writer/Director: Wrote Stranger Than Fiction, writing and directing Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and writing the 2016 West End play Good Canary
  290. Director
  291. Oscar nominated Visual Effects Supervisor and 2nd Unit Director at ILM, Credits include War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones, TMNT, Star Wars Ep.1 and 2, The last Airbender, Battleship, Bourne Supremacy, Riddick, Irishman
  292. Animation storyboard artist / series director
  293. Director/Producer/Actress Melody Prescott in Yellowstone, 'Hellcats', Roswell, New Mexico/Has a black belt in martial arts and weapons training
  294. Director
  295. Bad Reputation
  296. Actor - Birth Of A Nation (as Abraham Lincoln), Intolerance. Director - 190 titles, mostly shorts (1916-1948)
  297. Academy Award Winning Director of The Lives Of Others, The Tourist
  298. Australian tv host and producer. Was host of Australian tv show Bandstand
  299. Producer- Return Of The Living Dead, Hoosiers, Platoon
  300. Director
  301. Actress
  302. Gay Rights activist, present at the Stonewall rebellion in 1969. A founder, director of the Stonewall Veterans Association
  303. Director
  304. Australian Director, 'Curious'
  305. film director (basket case 1,2,3, frankenhooker)
  306. Writer- bewitched
  307. Director
  308. Amy Hennig  (2)
    Head writer and creative director for the Uncharted video game series
  309. Creator of Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction
  310. Director
  311. German actor and director born 1925.'Die Nibelungen','Das Spinnennetz','Der Alte','Insel der Traeume','Alraune'
  312. Director
  313. Austrian Actor,Writer,Director and Producer in American Movies born 1905.'Casablanca','Dead Ringer','Maverick','Exorcist II','Now Voyager','Goodbye Mr.Chips','Deception','Stolen Face','4 Horseman of Apocalypse','Never So Few'
  314. Director
  315. Adam Henry  (4)
    Supervising producer - the loud house
  316. Director of photography
  317. James Henry  (3)
  318. Director
  319. William Henry  (2)
    Author / TV producer, Ancient Aliens, The UnXplained with William Shatner
  320. Director of photography
  321. Writer/Director of The Punisher
  322. Jim Henson was an American puppeteer, artist, cartoonist, inventor, screenwriter, actor, film director, and producer
  323. Production Designer
  324. film producer / daughter of the late jim henson (the muppets)
  325. Exec producer family guy
  326. French director
  327. Bullyparade, Traumschiff Surprise
  328. Director
  329. Director
  330. movie director
  331. Director
  332. Stage Director
  333. Director
  334. Director - Little Voice, Brassed Off, and the Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  335. Producer Blacula, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Legend of Hell House, Bloody Mama and more
  336. Fleksnes
  337. Director
  338. He is a producer and writer, known for Pokémon: Détective Pikachu (2019), La famille Addams 2 (2021) and The Tick (2016)
  339. Puerto Rican television producer, personality, actress and rapper,'Joseline's Cabaret: Atlanta'
  340. Director
  341. French director
  342. Film Producer
  343. Director
  344. Writer & Director: Jack's Back, Road House, Gladiator, Striking Distance, A Murder of Crows, The Stick Up, I Witness, Bobby Jones- Stroke of Genius
  345. Director
  346. Actress
  347. Film Producer
  348. Music Video Director
  349. (born February 23, 1952) American film director, writer, and producer/ Traffic, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, and I Am Sam. Herskovitz has directed Jack the Bear & Dangerous Beauty/ producer of the television shows thirtysomething
  350. Producer & Screenwriter
  351. Screenwriter & Producer: American Pie, American Wedding, American Reunion, My Best Friends Girl, Mardi Gras - Spring Break, Flock of Dudes
  352. Czech director, 'The Cremator' (1968)
  353. film director (the toxic avenger 1,2,3,/co-director)
  354. Writer / Director / Producer
  355. Stage Director
  356. My Date with Drew
  357. Director
  358. Screenwriter
  359. Director - Rescue Dawn, Grizzly Man, Queen of the Desert, Stroszek, Cobra Verde, Bad Lieutenant II
  360. Actor & Director: License to Drive, Dangerous Curves, Congo, Black Sheep, Enemy of the State, True Lies, The Scorpion King, Good Night, and Good Luck, Leatherheads, The Men Who Stare at Goats
  361. Director-Napolean Dynamite
  362. Jon Hess  (2)
    Film Director: Alligator 2, Excessive Force, Watchers
  363. film director (the golden voyage of sinbad)
  364. Writer & Director: The Mountain Men, Mother Lode, Treasure Island, The Crucifer of Blood, Needful Things, Alaska // 'Baby Moses' in The Ten Commandments (1956) // Son of Charlton Heston
  365. Film Editor
  366. Animation director
  367. Numb3rs
  368. Director of such films as The Wizard of Mars, Monsters Crash the Pajama Party,Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors, and The Mighty Gorga
  369. tv producer (60 minutes)
  370. movie director
  371. Screenwriter
  372. British film producer - Harry Potter 1-7, I Am Legend, Taking Lives, Ravenous
  373. British producer - The Go-Between
  374. Former Chairman & CEO of DiC Entertainment Animation City
  375. Hollywood producer and writer and friends with Lamar Odom
  376. Director
  377. Director
  378. Broadway Choreographer
  379. Screenwriter & Producer
  380. Actor / Director / Writer: Waxwork 1 & 2, Hellraiser 3, Warlock the Armageddon, Payback, Invasion of Privacy, Jill Rips, Last Run, Return of the Living Dead 3, Contaminated Man, Submerged, Knife Edge
  381. Director
  382. Film Producer / Writer / Director / Editor
  383. Director
  384. Director: Shine, Snow Falling on Cedars, Hearts in Atlantis, No Reservations, The Lucky One
  385. Director
  386. Music Video Director
  387. Movie director from Venezuela
  388. Production Designer / Art Director
  389. Producer, LOST, CSI:Miami
  390. Director 'These Final Hours'
  391. Brian Hill  (2)
  392. Producer/Director - Scream Park (2013)
  393. Producer of 'Halloween', 'Halloween II', 'Halloween III', 'Escape From New York', 'The Fog', 'Crazy In Alabama', 'Roadracers', & 'The Dead Zone', longtime collaborator of John Carpenter
  394. film director (the sting, butch cassidy)
  395. Art Director | Art Department | Production Designer
  396. Screenwriter & Director: The Terror, Blood Bath, House of Evil, The Fear Chamber, The Woman Hunt, The Big Bird Cage, The Big Doll House, Coffy, Foxy Brown, The Swinging Cheerleaders, Switchblade Sisters, Death Ship, Sorceress
  397. Director
  398. Writer/Director - 'Observe and Report'
  399. Superbad, Knocked Up, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, I Heart Huckabees, Sherman in Accepted, Grandma's Boy, Moneyball
  400. Matt Hill  (3)
    Production Manager
  401. Actor, writer, producer and director
  402. Writer & Director: 48 Hrs, The Long Riders, Last Man Standing, Streets Of Fire, The Driver, The Warriors, Johnny Handsome, Wild Bill, Geronimo, Hard Times, Brewster's Millions, Red Heat, Bullet to the Head
  403. Director
  404. French actor, theatre director
  405. Director
  406. Creator of Spongebob and Rocko's Modern Life
  407. Film Director - Love Story, Silver Streak, Man Of La Mancha, The In-Laws, The Out-Of-Towners, The Hospital, Tobruk, Plaza Suite, The Man In The Glass Booth, Nightwing, many '50's-'60's TV programs
  408. Director of Sleepaway Camp and Return To Sleepaway Camp
  409. Director/Screenwriter
  410. Tv director
  411. Writer / TV Producer. The last surviving Producer of C20th Doctor Who
  412. Director/Screenwriter
  413. Writer/Director 'The Answer Man'
  414. Director
  415. British producer and writer of many Hammer Horror movies born 1922.'The Wolfman','Brides of Dracula','Enemy from Space','Curse of Frankenstein','Paranoiac','The Reptile','Mummys Shroud','The Ghoul'
  416. Screenwriter & Producer
  417. Director - Difference of Opinion, Still Game
  418. Producer
  419. Japanese manga artist and director, known for the 'Guinea Pig' movies
  420. French movie director
  421. German filmmaker who ran the film department in the Propaganda Ministry of the Third Reich, under Joseph Goebbels. He is most famous as director of the propaganda film Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew)
  422. Director
  423. Producer - The Proud Family Louder & Prouder
  424. Creator and executive producer of the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls
  425. Alex Hirsch  (2)
    Director and voice actor
  426. film director/editor (star wars, emp. strikes back, carrie)
  427. Director
  428. Writer, Director, Actor
  429. Director
  430. Director
  431. Actor - Young Riders, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade; Executive Producer - R5Sons Alaska
  432. American record producer, rapper, singer and songwriter
  433. Director
  434. Screenwriter / Producer / Director
  435. Executive Producer
  436. Actor, director. Also singer in the group Que
  437. Director
  438. Film director from Hong Kong, famous for his Ninja movies from the 1980's
  439. Jo Ho 
    Director - Isolation 9
  440. Director
  441. Director
  442. Director - Answered By Fire (mini-series), Love My Way (TV series)
  443. Director
  444. Film Producer
  445. Swedish filmdirector
  446. Director
  447. Director of FALLEN ,Primal Fear and Frequency
  448. Cinamatographer. Director, camera man and editor of Never Not Funny the podcast hosted by Jimmy Pardo, replacement of Andrew Koenig
  449. Director & Producer
  450. Actress
  451. British actor: Middlemarch, The Way We Live Now, Vanity Fair 2004
  452. Director: Get Carter, Pulp, The Terminal Man, Missing Pieces, Damien - Omen II, Flash Gordon, Morons from Outer Space, Croupier, A Prayer for the Dying, Black Rainbow
  453. Doctor Who
  454. Director
  455. Director
  456. Dutch-Canadian filmmaker born 1940, known for his stop motion movies
  457. German director born 1925
  458. Director
  459. Director
  460. Director
  461. Film Producer
  462. Hoffman was Director of Nursing at Parkland Memorial Hospital when new their new facility opened on Harry Hines Boulevard in 1954. While attending a conference in San Antonio, she saw President Kennedy during his visit to the city on November 21, 1963
  463. Saw, Dead Silence
  464. Polish film director
  465. director
  466. Film director
  467. Director/Producer
  468. Producer for 'The Walking Dead,' 'House,' 'Vegas.' Writer on 'The Walking Dead,' 'Prison Break,' 'House.'
  469. Director
  470. Director
  471. Director: The Allnighter
  472. Animation timing director
  473. Chuck Hogan  (2)
    Writer,Executive Producer 'The Strain'
  474. Director: Barb Wire, Most Wanted
  475. Producer/production manager 1948-77 Hell in the Pacific
  476. Producer
  477. Flim director
  478. British Filmmaker, known for independent films including Unrelated (2007), The Souvenir (2019), The Souvenir Part II (2021), The Eternal Daughter (2022)
  479. Choreographer & Director
  480. Cinematographer & Director
  481. Director/Producer: The A-Team, Wonder Woman, LOST, The Six Million Dollar Man, Captain America, Battlestar Galactica, The Greatest American Hero, ER, Moonlight
  482. Creator of young and hungry
  483. Director of The Slumber Party Massacre
  484. Former producer for NBC and MSNBC News. Wrote for Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News, CNN?s Ashleigh Banfield and the Today Show?s Natalie Morales. Co-authored Survivors Club w/ her father, Michael Bornstein, an Auschwitz survivor
  485. Director from Poland. Film 'Total Eclipse' with Leonardo Di Caprio
  486. Dean Holland  (2)
    Director - parks & recreation, Mr. Mayor
  487. Harry Holland  (2)
    Actor and Director, brother of Tom Holland. Voice of Mon Calamari Nobleman in The Mandalorian, uncredited cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Prince Harry in Diana