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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: R
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  1. Writer for Green Lantern
  2. Comic book artist
  3. Cartoonist
  4. Comic Artist
  5. Comic book artist, Impulse, Crimson, The Amazing Spider-Man
  6. Comic Book artist of Engines Of Doom
  7. Comic Book Artist
  8. Comic book artist
  9. Cartoonist betty
  10. Walking dead comic artist
  11. German Cartoonist
  12. 'Rautie', cartoonist
  13. cartoonist (pop's place)
  14. Alexander Gillespie 'Alex' Raymond 10/2/1909-9/6/1956, Cartoonist, Created Flash Gordon for King Features in 1934. The strip was subsequently adapted into many other media, from movie serials (1936?1940) to 1970s TV series & 1980 film
  15. syndicated co-cartoonist of 'crock' w/ don wilder
  16. Comic Artist
  17. Comic-book artist
  18. Comic Book Artist
  19. Gary Reed is an American comic book writer who was also the publisher of Caliber Comics, an independent comic book company. Vice President of McFarlane Toys when the company launched in 1993. Comics writing credits include Baker Street and Deadworld
  20. Comic book artist- Marvel
  21. Creator of the 'Emily the Strange' character
  22. cartoonist (ferd'nand)
  23. cartoonist (ferd'nand)
  24. German cartoonst - 'Strizz' for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  25. (March 10, 1925 - November 10, 1991) Creator of the cartoon Cowpokes & Western humorist. Cowpokes, at one time, ran in over 400 weekly newspapers across the United States. Produced many popular cartoon books 7 calendars during his lifetime
  26. syndicated co-cartoonist of the lockhorns
  27. comic book artist, The Punisher
  28. DC Comic Artist
  29. Comic book cover artist
  30. French comic book artist whose initial big acceptance came through U.S. publishers including Basement Comics/'Vampirella'/Paul Renaud resides in Toulouse, France, with Marion and their cat, Mooki
  31. Cartoonist
  32. Cartoonist of the strip 'butch'did comic art for stars & stripes francer in ww2
  33. Writer/Actor/Publisher. Writer for Cracked, National Lampoon, graphic novel Satan's 3 Ring Circus of Hell. Publisher Girls and Corpses Magazine
  34. Comic Book Artist- Marvel
  35. American comic-book artist, writer and television animator. Drew the manga-influenced series 'Dynamo Joe'. Drew 'Manhunter' and 'Plastic Man' for DC Comics. Worked as a writer of 'Roger Rabbit' stories for Disney
  36. Illustrator - MAD Magazine, Cracked Magazine, Marvel Comics
  37. Artist of Horrorscope comic
  38. cartoonist (mr. abernathy)
  39. German author, Flitze Feuerzahn
  40. Al Rio 
    Known primarily for his comic book work, X-Men Unlimited, Captain America, Star Wars - A New Hope, Spider-Man. He was especially known for his 'good girl art'
  41. Comic Artist
  42. Cartoonist
  43. Underground Cartoonist. Produced the first all-woman comic book, 'It Ain't Me Babe'. Designed Vampirella's costume
  44. news commentator
  45. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Todd the Dinosaur
  46. Comic Book Artist
  47. Comic book artist for Marvel, DC, and others. Provides artwork for Upper Deck's VS game.
  48. long-time comic artist for DC, created 'The Joker'
  49. Created Cartoon show 'Fanboy and Chum Chum'
  50. Comic book artist
  51. Comic Book Artist
  52. Cartoonist / comic book artist
  53. cartoonist (charlie)
  54. Political cartoonist
  55. Comic Book Artist
  56. Comic Book Artist Spider Gwen
  57. Underground Cartoonist - Trashman, The Dark Hotel
  58. Editor/Editions Moulinsart owner
  59. Austin Rogers  (3)
    Comic Book Artist for Engines Of Doom
  60. cartoonist (kidspot)
  61. Creator of Final Space and voice actor in it
  62. editorial cartoonist
  63. Comic Book Writer
  64. comic book art for Marvel comics spiderman
  65. This man helped Stan Lee create web of Spiderman and Amazing Spiderman. John Romita did the art work. His address is 43 Huron rd. Floral Park N.Y. 11001. John Loves fan mail. I have two comic books signed by him and three index cards
  66. American comic artist - Disney / Scrooge McDuck comics
  67. Cartoonist-Snuffy Smith cartoons
  68. Comic book artist
  69. cartoonist
  70. Belgian cartoonist
  71. Marco Rota (born September 18, 1942) is an Italian Disney comic artist who served as editor-in-chief of Disney Italia from 1974 to 1988
  72. cartoonist
  73. 3/4/1932-4/4/2001 artist, cartoonist, pinstriper, custom car designer & builder created the hot-rod icon Rat Fink & other extreme characters. Key figure in Southern California's Kustom Kulture & hot-rod movement of the late 50s & 60s
  74. American comic book artist. Best known for DC Comics: Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond and Impulse. Also worked on Kim Possible; Ruule: Kiss and Tell, Tales of Tellos,and Marvel Comics? Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
  75. Comic Book Colorist
  76. Comic book artist and inker, best known for his work with pencilers Russ Manning and Jack Kirby. In later life Royer became a freelance product designer and character artist for The Walt Disney Company
  77. cartoonst (rubes)
  78. Comic book artist and inker, most associated with inking Marvel Comics' The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
  79. Pixar animator
  80. Writer, - Batman:No Man's Land, Buffy The Vampire Slayer:Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1
  81. Archie comics artist
  82. Christian Political Cartoonist
  83. An American comic book writer, artist, and illustrator. His work has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards
  84. German cartoonist - 'Shit Happens' books
  85. Creator of captain pugwash
  86. syndicated cartoonist of tumbleweeds