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  1. Director of CAMMP, Professor of Chemical Engineering
  2. Astronaut
  3. On the pioneer 10 spacecraft shot up in the 70s NASA included a gold disk so if aliens found it they see what we are like.Also on spacecraft was a Greetings drawing showing where to find us,what we look like etc.
  4. (1942-2005)Was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 15 spaceflight in 1974. This mission was intended to dock with the space station Salyut 3, but failed to do so after the docking system malfunctioned
  5. Astronaut
  6. Born August 8, 1948. Former Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz T-7) in 1982; second woman in space, first woman to spacewalk.
  7. Cosmonaut
  8. Apollo engineer; worked on Portable Life Support System; helped develop, troubleshoot and verify procedures used by astronauts use of space suits. Stowed Armstrong and Aldrin lunar suits in LM night before launch
  9. Flight astronaut candidate
  10. Designer of the Taifun missile
  11. Astronaut: only man to participate in the Mercury,Gemini and Apollo space programs.
  12. German physicist and ESA astronaut
  13. Former U.S. Senator from New Mexico (1977-1983); Former Astronaut/Moonwalker
  14. Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 9, and performed the first in-space test of the Portable Life Support System that was used by moonwalkers
  15. Was a United States Navy officer and a NASA astronaut. He is credited with conducting the first unscheduled extra-vehicular activity of the space program during Space Shuttle mission STS-51-D.
  16. Current Director of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Since March 5th, 2012)
  17. Flight astronaut gemini 8 apollo 9 apollo 15
  18. NASA Astronaut candidate Group 3-1963'Early in Space Program'
  19. NASA astronaut (retired) STS-72 and STS -87
  20. British born rocket scientist who worked on the construction of The Black Knight Rocket, the United Kingdom's first rocketry project after WW2. Lives on the Isle of Wight or in the UK
  21. Australian born Astronaut scientist, flew on STS-41 G Challenger as Payload Specialist
  22. Astronaut
  23. NASA scientist in the 1960s whose worked included the patent for the Electrostatic Plasma Modulator for Space Vehicle Re-entry. b. 1906, d. 2006
  24. Flight astronaut sts-51d,40,58
  25. leading physicist of the Soviet Union
  26. astronaut
  27. astronaut
  28. Actress including: 'I Dream of Jeannie' (1966) in the episode of: 'Richest Astronaut in the World' as Helga; and as Linda in the 1970 movie: 'Horror of the Blood Monsters' aka 'Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet'; plus as Anna in 'Run for Your Life.'1965
  29. SpaceX astronaut Inspiration4 crew
  30. Russian cosmonaut. 4 space flights. 1st to fly the Soviet 'flying armchair' maneuvering unit called 'Ikar'
  31. The fourth Russian woman cosmonaut in space, and the first Russian woman to go to the International Space Station
  32. (1935-2010) Was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 9 and Soyuz 18 missions. He worked in ground control for the Salyut 6 station before returning to spacecraft design in the 1980s to work on the Buran project
  33. First Indian In Space
  34. cosmonaut
  35. Cosmonaut; among other missions, crew member of Soyuz 10, the world's first mission to the world's first space station (Salyut 1) in April 1971
  36. NASA astronaut (retired) flew three space shuttle missions
  37. First American in space, Apollo 14 moonwalker
  38. Daughter of first American astronaut Alan Shepard. Laura performed a suborbital space flight aboard Blue Origins NS-19
  39. astronaut
  40. astronaut
  41. astronaut
  42. (1935-1997) Was a Soviet cosmonaut, who flew on the Soyuz 6 space mission on October 11,1969. Shonin died of a heart attack in 1997 at the young age of 61
  43. Astronomer
  44. Planetary Scientist, born 1957. Has so far discovered 3 new rings and six new moons of the solar system, among the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and (now dwarf planet) Pluto
  45. NASA astronaut (retired). Flew on three space shuttle missions
  46. Astronaut from Malaysia
  47. Internet Billionaire and 'First African in Space'
  48. Jennifer Anne MacKinnon Sidey-Gibbons is a Canadian astronaut, engineer, and lecturer. She was selected by the Canadian Space Agency as one of the two members of the 2017 CSA group
  49. Civilian Astronaut, Space Ship One
  50. Flight scientist, Kennedy Space Center launch director
  51. astronaut
  52. Flown to Space on Missions Soyuz TMA-10 / TMA-9 & Soyuz TMA-14 / TMA-13. Built the organization and applications for Microsoft Word, Excel, & Multiplan. Holds 11 Patents. Active Philanthropist
  53. Russian cosmonaut. He has had two spaceflights, which were long - duration missions aboard the International Space Station
  54. Mercury 7 Astronaut
  55. NASA photographer. First person to touch moon dust
  56. Former NASA test pilot
  57. NASA astronaut (retired). Four space shuttle flights
  58. Retired from NASA after 34 years as an engineering technician
  59. NASA; Chief of the Crew Systems Division at NASA during the Apollo years. Ed Smylie is the man who concocted a plan using plastic bags, cardboard and duct tape to save Apollo 13's astronauts
  60. Retired rocket engineer, born 1937, hired to work with Von Braun's team in 1958. Worked on the recently launched Explorer I satellite project, and then a career at NASA, with contributions to the Apollo and Skylab missions
  61. Astronaut from South Korea
  62. Yi So-Yeon  (2)
  63. Born 11 November 1946) is a former Soviet cosmonaut. He was selected as a cosmonaut on 1 December 1978 and flew as Flight Engineer on Soyuz T-10 and Soyuz T-15, spending a total of 361 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes in space
  64. American author and inventor most notable for being the U.S. prosecution team's chief interpreter during the Nuremberg Trials. Fought at Battle of the Bulge. Part of the RCA team that invented color tv. Worked for NASA on the moon landings
  65. US Navy vet, born 1940. Served on the USS Lake Champlain during recovery of Alan Shepard and Freedom 7 in 1962. Hearing Shepard call to the ship on headphones, got permission to call back 'You're almost home!'
  66. Dr. Wernher von Braun rocket scientist team. Marshal Space Flight Center. Among other functions, he was chairman of Marshall's Saturn System Evaluation Working Group
  67. astronaut
  68. retired United States Army Colonel and former NASA astronaut
  69. Astronaut Sts-29 Sts-38
  70. astonaut air force general
  71. Flight astronaut
  72. Planet of the Apes - 1968 as Astronaut Stewart (uncredited) Speedway - 1968, as 3rd Waitress (uncredited), Bad Girls for the Boys -1966
  73. Astrophysicist, SETI
  74. Astronomer, planetary scientist. Co-discoverer of Pluto's moons Nix and Hydra in 2005
  75. Head launch vehicle division project Was senior scientist NASA Administrator. In the mid 1960s, In 1971 he became a senior aerospace and technology advisor on undersea technology at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  76. EDL (entry descent landing) engineer ofMars robot 'Curiosity' (MSL)
  77. Astrophysicist, planetary scientist. Leader of the New Horizons mission to the planet Pluto in 2015
  78. NASA astronaut (retired); US Army brigadier general
  79. Israel: Business man and pilot. Member of First all-private space flight crew AX-1
  80. My Three Sons, The Munsters, The Reluctant Astronaut
  81. Former Chief Scientist of NASA (2013-2016)
  82. NASA Astronaut
  83. NASA Recovery Team leader for missions from John Glenn through Apollo 12. Briefed Nixon during his welcome home meeting with the Apollo 11 crew on the USS Hornet
  84. Astronaut: STS-128, Expedition 20, Expedition 21, STS-129, STS-133; astronaut who painted the first watercolor in space
  85. 'Dr. Wernher Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  86. astronaut
  87. Flight scientist, ISS project manager
  88. astronaut
  89. Retired Russian cosmonaut and politician
  90. astronaut
  91. Astronaut on Apollo 13