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  1. American astronomer and Proffesor of astrophysical and planetary sciences. He is best known for discovering Saturn's elusive F ring
  2. Flight astronaut, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  3. Astronaut
  4. astronaut
  5. astronaut
  6. Is a Canadian astronomer and professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia. He was a member of the first group to report on the detection of extrasolar planets, and pioneered some of the techniques for extrasolar planetary searches
  7. Astronaut
  8. Former Payload Specialist Astronaut
  9. Astronaut
  10. astronaut
  11. American geologist and Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the California Institute of Technology. He is known for his work in the fields of cosmochemistry, meteoritics and astrophysics
  12. NASA Astronaut
  13. astronaut
  14. Project scientist on the New Horizon mission to the dwarf planet Pluto
  15. astronaut
  16. Spacecraft operations manager for the spacecraft cassini that studied the planet saturn
  17. 'Dr. Wernher Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  18. NASA Flight director
  19. astronaut
  20. 'Pad Leader'/'Fuhrer of the Pad' Mercury & Gemini Space Flights & Apollo Missions 1967-1975
  21. Mathematician known for mathematical modelling shape of Earth, & work on development of satellite geodesy models that incorporated into the Global Positioning System (GPS) inducted into the US Air Force HOF in 2018
  22. astronaut
  23. Astronaut
  24. Astronaut
  25. American astronaut
  26. Chief NASA engineer of the 'Lunar Laser Ranging Program', the very last Apollo project active since July 21, 1969 and still going on, measuring the distance between earth and moon repeatedly
  27. Sri Lankan born Astronomer and Mathematician. He was a student and collaborator of Sir Fred Hoyle and is best known for his work on cosmic dust. He now lives in Cardiff, Wales, UK
  28. Canadian astronomer and professor at the University of Western Ontario. He is best known for the discovery of Earth's second moon and the orbits of minor planets in the Solar System
  29. Astronaut
  30. Flight astronaut sts-90,118
  31. Canadian Astronaut
  32. astronaut
  33. STS-101, Soyuz TMA-8 (Expedition 13), Soyuz TMA-16 (Expedition 21/22), Soyuz TMA-20M (Expedition 47/48)
  34. astronaut
  35. astronaut
  36. astronaut
  37. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  38. astronaut
  39. Flight astronaut Ascan 2009
  40. astronaut
  41. astronaut
  42. Navy Seal recovery team, first to grab the Apollo 11 capsule and attach anchor cables and a flotation device before the astronauts emerged. Later served in Vietnam, battled addictions, and became a preacher
  43. Flight astronaut canadian arrow
  44. astronaut
  45. astronaut
  46. Astronaut
  47. Current Director of NASA's Wallops Flight Center in Wallops Island, Virginia (Since 1/1/2010)